- Don't settle for just pretty, have everything.

Sergio, I already have an iphone camera and so do my relatives, why even hire you?

This is question becomes more and more prominent as consumer tech increases.

The truth is...no matter how advanced our phone cameras become, what I offer you isn't just about the high resolution images. It is much more.

It's the 15 years of diligent practice with using composition, color, and angle in order to create the kinds of images unobtainable by any non professional. Images that make you lose track of time and yourself.

Secondly, it's hard to enjoy your wedding day when a small part of you is worrying about having the special moments captured. This is why I make sure to analyze and go over with my clients what moments they specifically want captured so that the work is left to me, and you are left with the ecstasy of getting married.

Last but definitely not least, you are left with a set of images that tell a story. I believe a wedding day is much more than just a party day, cake, and fancy dresses. A wedding day is an event where feelings are felt as tears of love hit the floor, connections are made, and where the love journey becomes strengthened.

Sergio, can i see a recent wedding slideshow?


ALBUMS and high resolution files included?

You get both, always. These albums are the absolute best that I have found, they are made in Portugal by an amazing company. An album is a very secure and safe way of to holding on to your memories and that's why I include an album in every collection. Having the album in your house is a  to relive the memories without having to be flipping through a screen.




I am extremely passionate about portraiture (including headshots) because I consider it the most direct expression of the art of photography. I strive to capture what makes you, you. If you are interested, please contact me for more information.