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Tucson Wedding Photography by Sergio Lopez



dance like nobody is watching





laugh like 

nobody is listening




cry with me

I just got engaged, and I want amazing photos for my wedding.

I challenge my clients to upgrade their amazingness expectations. Expect more from your wedding photographer. I will reveal your amazingness in surprising and unpredictable ways along with a fun and exciting portrait session too. 


i have the most wonderful family in the world and i want a one of a kind portrait.

Our families, either we share the same blood or are the same species, the people that we call our family, we treasure them, and we photograph them. Imagine how important it will be for them to see you in front of the camera too. Contact me to schedule a free consultation.


busco fotografia de quinceañera pero todos los que encuentro, no me cuadran.

Pues tal vea yo sea lo que estas buscando. He fotografiado bodas en Tucson y atravez del estado por mas de diez años. Lo que ofrezco yo es muy diferente a lo que haz visto antes. Llamame al 520- 591 6861 o llena esta forma, gracias.

i want an awesome headshot for my dating profile.

Every photo in the world has a goal, a main objective, and a good photographer has to know that in order to create something that will truly be effective. A dating profile photo is your ad, let's make it work.

I am a photographer, and I am looking for a real-life mentor.

For many years, I have been a professional photography coach for many photographers around the world, and it fills me with joy to take part in helping  you achieve your goals. Check out my school at

i know what i want and i want you to hire you.

Yes! Please get in touch with me to schedule a consultation.


When I shoot your wedding, I decide to focus a lot of my attention to your most dears of familiars and friends. And my goal is to try to understand how they see you and why they love you so much. I will be your eyes behind your head during your first kiss. 

I need photos for my company. i have not been able to find what i'm looking for.

I understand you very well; I feel like I look goofy in so many photos that I have had taken of me. My specialty is you, and I know how to make your picture when you are your authentic, confident, strong, beautiful and powerful self. Get in touch.

my wedding is coming up and i am looking for a great wedding photographer.

Your wedding photos are not just your wedding photos, with time, you will pass them to others and those others will pass them along too. I have more than 10 years of experience delivering beautiful and powerful photos to hundreds of wedding clients. Check out my portfolio to see what I mean.

i'm getting married again.

Second (or third) marriages are very special because everything feels a little bit more solid this time around. You know much better what you are looking for in your life and this time you are looking for a photographer that goes beyond the traditional portraits and captures your genuine personality and your guests'. This time around, you want the experience captured and not just how it all looked. Contact me to talk to you about why your photos are more important now than before.

I am am an up and coming tucson local artist and i want a great photo for my promotion.

Please get in touch and share your vision with me. You can pay me with a song, a sketch or whatever your art is. Tucson rocks.

I am a realtor, I live and die by my headshot.

It takes an average of 7 seconds to make a first impression, but for a headshot, it might be 1/10 of a second. Your photo needs to instill trustworthiness and warmth. But it is crucial that it also connects on a more direct emotional level. Your headshot is your main advertisement, make it work its best.