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Hello, my name is Sergio Lopez and yes I am using my new license photo as my bio photo. When you are the photographer, sometimes getting a new license is the only chance we have to get a new portrait :-).

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I am originally from Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico but I have been living in Tucson, AZ for 20 plus years and I love it! Tucson's heat feels to me as a warm embrace, the more it loves us, the hotter it gets.

I feel like I am eternally 21. I have an electrical engineering degree that was very useful to me working in cubicle nation for many years until the day that I finally discovered that photography gave me the opportunity to get close to people in order to capture not just what they do but also how they feel.

In 2012 I reached a huge goal which it was to be listed in the yearly list of The Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the World published by American Photo magazine. I was also honored that they picked one of my photos for the cover. 

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But the most important and lasting delivering amazing quality work and see my clients happy and knowing that those photographs are going to bring them deep joy for many, many years. 

I am also a professional photography coach that travels around the world teaching workshops and conferences. I provide personalized mentoring sessions via video call to many photographers all over America, Mexico, Europe and soon Asia. 


This is how I look when I get to a wedding more or less. 

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One of my biggest joys of living in Tucson is the Sonoran desert, I truly feel like the desert is always reminding me that even in hard conditions we can all survive and thrive. I feel like every Saguaro is raising her arms to cheer us on.


One of my favorite places in Tucson is Tumamoc Hill going up 725 feet in 1.5 miles. 

Taken from Tumamoc Hill, my favorite place in Tucson.

Taken from Tumamoc Hill, my favorite place in Tucson.

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”
— Robert Frank